TV Show
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Apr, 6 2019
Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure... more
EndedTokyo MX
Koyoharu Gotōge
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It is the Taisho Period in Japan. Tanjiro, a kindhearted boy who sells charcoal for a living, finds his family slaughtered by a demon. To make matters worse, his younger sister Nezuko, the sole survivor, has been transformed into a demon herself. Though devastated by this grim reality, Tanjiro resolves to become a “demon slayer” so that he can turn his sister back into a human, and kill the demon that massacred his family.... more
Natsuki Hanae — Tanjirō Kamado (voice)
Natsuki Hanae
Tanjirō Kamado (voice)
Akari Kitō — Nezuko Kamado (voice)
Akari Kitō
Nezuko Kamado (voice)
Hiro Shimono — Zenitsu Agatsuma (voice)
Hiro Shimono
Zenitsu Agatsuma (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka — Inosuke Hashibira (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Inosuke Hashibira (voice)
Yuichi Terao
Director of Photography
Manabu Kamino
Mika Kikuchi
Character Designer
Youko Kajiyama
Character Designer
Gou Shiina